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Catching Thieves

A community dedicated to Leverages Jim Sterling

A community dedicated to Leverage's Jim Sterling
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Dedicated to Leverages best bad guy Jim Sterling
This community is dedicated to the character James "Jim" Sterling from the television show Leverage.


1. No bashing other members and try not to bash Sterling, spritied discussion is accepted about his character, I mean he is an evil bastard...sorta. -- If I find that any of the members are being bashed the offender will be banned... this is non-negotiable. I expect reasonable behavior. We are after all adults. Well some of us are anyways : )

2. Off topic discussion is allowed as long as it somehow links back to Sterling... I guess what I mean to say is if you want to pimp another community contact me, but usually I won't mind as long as it somehow links back to Sterling or Leverage. I think I'm gonna be pretty darn reasonable about this. This community is just for fun.

3. Tag your posts people. I really don't want to have to go back and tag posts.

What is allowed:

Art, Fanfiction of any type - het, slash, gen - any of it. It's all welcome here, Icons, discussion, anything I haven't thought of.

Oh and discussion of the actor who plays Sterling - Mark Sheppard is quite allowed... He rocks my socks and I can't imagine anyone else playing Sterling.

That's all if you have any questions just put up a post, or contact me some other way.