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Cancer-Schmancer: Helping Sandra Slay the Dragon
rayhne wrote in catchingtheives
So here's the thing ... not a little more then a week ago, Sandra, a fellow fan of Mark Sheppard's (she runs Mark's unofficial fan page) discovered that she has cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma) and is starting treatment for it. When I heard this, I started to scheme to get her to DragonCon. I was just at the point of working out the money (a fellow fan (Gigi on Facebook) suggested an auction) when I heard that someone was working to get her to the con in Toronto. I contacted her and we decided to pool our efforts. WV has set up the Cancer-Schmancer: Helping Sandra Slay the Dragon and I am organizing the above mentioned auction. Please donate if you can and if you have any appropriate items for auction or wish to help out, please contact me at rayhne @ for details.

Current auctions item will include: a Leverage team art print, Eliot bookmarks, Nate bookmarks, a Soldier of Fortune t-shirt.

Please spread the word!!!!


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